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The following is a list of CS Learning Center coaches, their hours, and topics in which they specialize.

Name: Emily Brooks

Class of: 2015 - 4th Year Computer Science

Hours: T 2-5pm W 7-10pm

Specialties: I can help with most 3000 level courses and below. Currently taking Programming Languages and Algorithms. I am better at Java than I am with C, but I should be still be able to answer questions regarding C.

Name: Mitch Davis

Class of: 2016 - 3rd Year Software Engineer

Hours: Th/F 2-5pm, Su/M/T 7-10pm

Specialties: I can help with just about any programming assignment for any class. I have had a lot of experience outside the classroom, and I love working in Java, C, and a plethora of other languages. I am the Vice President of Operations for the Husky Game Development enterprise. I look forward to helping with anything I can.

Name: Ian Glazko

Class of: 2017 - 2nd Year Computer Systems Science

Hours: Thursday 7-10, Friday 2-5


Name: John Thomas

Class of: 2015 - 5th year Computer Science

Hours: M 3-5pm, T/R 7-10pm

Specialties: I'll be happy to help you with anything!

Name: Sophia Farquhar

Class of: 2018 - 2nd Year Computer Science

Hours: By Appointment. Email

Specialties: I specialize in the Discrete Structures course, so can help with Alloy as well. I am also involved with Women in Computing Sciences.

Computer Science Learning Center Coordinator

Name: Leo C. Ureel II
Office: Rekhi 209
Phone: 906.487.1816
Email: ureel *AT* mtu *DOT* edu
Specialties: I teach CS 1121 Intro to Programming I, CS 1122 Intro to Programming II, and CS 4121 Programming Languages.
Research Interests: Computer Science Education, Software Engineering, Intelligent Learning Environments.